About Us

About Us

Our Story

Some 10 years ago, when the highly efficient and technically experienced team at
Attika Interior + MEP Pte Ltd was formed, an exciting journey of building a great company started.

To emphasize our technical knowledge, ‘+ MEP’ denotes our design and technical expertise in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works. Along with our interior design and interior fit-out expertise, we have been the preferred turnkey contractor for many of our clients over the years.
From where we started, our journey is definitely not an overnight success story. It is our determination and strong belief that to exist, we must provide the ultimate value-add to clients who choose us over the others.

We ensure that we design intelligently, source for materials responsibly and build efficiently. We communicate these expectations to our people. We are always looking for better methods and environmentally friendly solutions that will benefit our clients.

We believe that to build a great company, we have to build and grow a great team. Our people are fairly rewarded on a performance base system and they are motivated to upgrade, excel and deliver to their best ability. As every staff member is different, we put them at where they can best excel.

With a strong and committed team of trained professionals in interior ID and construction, in-housed site workers and reliable suppliers, our clients can be assured that we are well positioned to take on demanding and challenging projects in today’s competitive business environment faced by our valued clients.